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We track your internal business performance based on data and statistical methods so that we capture and interpret your company’s effectiveness. This will help your team make real-time decisions, that will deliver better business results while preparing for the future.

Our skilled Business Analysts understand the technology, the business, and will assist in gathering quality data for your organization’s decision making.

business intelligence unique consulting group puerto rico


By analyzing your historical business data, we can measure how a business department, team or staff member performed over a particular time.


BI includes KPI Reporting, Automated Monitoring, Dashboards, OLAP, Ad Hoc Query, and

Real-time BI.

data science statistical analysis unique consulting group puerto rico


The second area of business analytics involves a more in-depth analysis of your business. By applying statistical algorithms to your historical data, predictions are made for the future performance of a product, service or customer satisfaction.

SA includes Quantitative Analysis, Data Mining, and Big Data Analisis.

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